Plastic Cases

For a wide range of items, our plastic cases are the ideal protection for sales, and transport packaging solution. We have a broad range plastic boxes for a broad array of industries and applications. Our plastic boxes can be modified with a combination of thermoformed and foam inserts to fit a variety of product and market-specific needs. Altınkaya plastic case's foams can be customized to fit your preferences and needs, with a variety of color options depending on the model. We can also ship the cases straight from the production to our in-house print shop, where they will be finished with an imprint of your design. The outside shells of our cases are ideal for printing logos or product information because to their huge printed surface.

Model Dimensions (mm)
PC-278 275 x 230 x 81
PC-460 337 x 275 x 83
PC-470 337 x 275 x 124
PC-480 337 x 275 x 165
PC-580 450 x 360 x 141