Aluminium Profile Enclosures

Altinkaya Profile Enclosures are made of aluminum. We have single-part profiles and two half-shelf profiles. Single profile models need two end caps for the sides to make an enclosure, and the profile can be cut into any length the project requires. Aluminum or plastic end caps are available together with colorful seals for a good-looking design. Two half-shelf profiles snap on together with the addition of side caps to make a full enclosure. Our range features various sizes and colors. Side caps have eared versions for wall-mounting or flat versions. End caps and profiles can be customized with CNC cutting for the required outputs and inputs.

Model Dimensions (mm)
AL-052 24 x 54 x Custom mm
AL-053 33 x 54 x Custom mm
AL-083 31 x 83,4 x Custom mm
AL-084 33,5 x 103 x Custom mm
AL-103 35 x 104 x Custom mm
Model Dimensions (mm)
AL-104 35 x 104 x Custom mm
AL-105 50 x 110 x Custom mm
AL-113 50 x 110 x Custom mm
AL-114 50 x 110 x Custom mm
AL-115 50 x 110 x Custom mm