Aluminium Profile Enclosures

Extruded aluminum enclosures are ideal for making PCB enclosures because the slots in the extrusion make it simple to mount printed circuit boards. Control boxes, network devices, measuring instruments, and audio amplifiers are all possible applications. Aluminum extrusion enclosures have flat and wall-mountable ears, and some of the models have their own colorful seal options. Aluminum profile enclosures are custom size length opportunities. The enclosures are called with a couple of names such as aluminum extrusion enclosures, aluminum profile enclosures, and extruded aluminum enclosures.

Model Dimensions (mm)
AL-052 24 x 54 x Custom mm
AL-053 33 x 54 x Custom mm
AL-083 31 x 83,4 x Custom mm
AL-084 33,5 x 103 x Custom mm
AL-103 35 x 104 x Custom mm
Model Dimensions (mm)
AL-104 35 x 104 x Custom mm
AL-105 50 x 110 x Custom mm
AL-113 50 x 110 x Custom mm
AL-114 146 x 222 x 55 mm
AL-115 50 x 110 x Custom mm