Profile Display Enclosures

Card Rails For Different Types of Leds and 7-Segment Displays.

DE-153-XX Length can be customized between 40mm to 3m.

Corrosion Resistant, Customization and Heat Conductive are great features to make this material much more preferable.

Aluminum materials have many form and machine options by their malleability feature.

Aluminum Profile Enclosures made from extruded aluminum.

The strong material to use for consumer goods and industrial machinery.

Flexible design, labor saving, strong reliable structure, fast precision assembly, and light attractiveness. 

• Designed for P10 led modules           

• Durable structure           

• Quick mounting advantage                              

• Stainless end cap screws 

Model Dimensions (mm)
DE-153 End Panel Set 30 x 150
 Model                         Dimensions (mm)
 DE-153 Profile 30 x 150