EC-912-9 Hinged IP-67 Plastic Enclosures
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EC-912-9 Hinged IP-67 Plastic Enclosures

90 x 120 x 90 mm IP-67 Hinged Plastic Enclosure

Cover (Light Gray or Transparent option)

Body (Light Gray)

Seal (Transparent)

Stainless Hinge Pin Dia. 2,5 mm (32 mm) - 2 units

Toggle Draw Latch (Small)

Mounting Plate

4x9 mm Pan Head-PZ Stainless Steel Screw - 4 units

5x10 mm Pan Head-PZ Stainless Steel Screw - 4 units

Mounting feet kit options 4 units per enclosure.

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Electrical and Electronic Protector IP-67 Hinged Plastic Enclosures (EC) Series

There are 19 various types of outdoor and indoor enclosures that can be made.

The IP-67 properties of waterproof and dustproof derive from the capacity to safeguard electrical devices that are contained inside the box. IP - Ingress Protection, 6 - Dust protection for eight hours, 7 - Water protection for one meter and 30 minutes. Testing for water and dust protection demonstrates that industrial and instrumental enclosures are suitable for usage in harsh environments. Shockproof enclosure components protect against outside-of-the-box damage.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) is a type of thermoplastic polymers gasket that may be replaced with a new one if the old one fails to operate properly due to corrosion. To keep the project boxes and wall mount enclosures sturdy on the outside, pole mounting kits are employed.

Mounting plates are an excellent choice for tiny Hinged Plastic Enclosures. Other EC25, EC26, and EC28 options are available for larger Hinged Plastic Enclosures.

ABS and IP-67 materials make up the base portions of these watertight hinged enclosures. Transparent top cover components are best made of polycarbonate material.

Light gray ABS material

PC transparent front cover

Inner door set

IP67 rated protection

Ears for padlock


Mounting plate

TPE seal set

Mounting ears

Pole mounting cornered ears

Pole mounting accessories

Wall mounting accessories

Ventilation equipment

Stainless screws

Model Dimensions (mm) Clear PC Lid
EC-912-7 90 x 120 x 90 Available
EC-912-9 90 x 120 x 90 Available
EC-1015-8 100 x 150 x 85 Available
EC-1515 150 x 150 x 89 Available
EC-1624-5 160 x 240 x 53 Available
EC-1318 130 x 180 x 100 Available
EC-1722 170 x 220 x 128 Available
EC-1624-11 160 x 240 x 112 Available
EC-2121-10 210 x 210 x 100 Available
EC-2121-13 210 x 210 x 130 Available
Model Dimensions (mm) Clear PC Lid
EC-2818 180 x 280 x 128 Available
EC-2828 280 x 280 x 128 Available
EC-2030-13 200 x 300 x 130 Available
EC-2030-18 200 x 300 x 187 Available
EC-2535-13 250 x 350 x 127 Available
EC-2535-15 250 x 350 x 150 Available
EC-3040-16 300 x 400 x 159 Available
EC-3040-20 300 x 400 x 200 Available
EC-4050 400 x 500 x 200 Available