Standoffs & Spacers

Altinkaya Enclosures for Electronics has standoffs & spacers in stock with same-day shipment from our own facilities. Altinkaya is a manufacturer of accessories for electrical and electronic components as well as related mechanical components. Our portfolio includes clinching fasteners, spacers & standoffs, screws, and the majority of associated mechanical components. Please have a look at our standoffs and spacers.

PCB Support Pillars

PCB support pillars are mechanical elements that are used to mount electric electronic device elements securely.

Brass Standoffs

Brass standoffs are extensively used in electronics for permanently fastening and connecting PCBs, modules, and other components.

Plastic Spacers

When plastic spacers are used, to keep the installation and housing at a safe distance from one part to other.

Accessories for Enclosures

Altinkaya Enclosures for Electronics is a one-stop-shop for all your enclosure requirements with its large selection of enclosure accessories. You'll find everything you need here, including cable management and venting solutions, pole mounting kits, DIN rails and DIN rail brackets, interior mounting plates, and screws. You'll have everything you need to finish your project with our electronic and electrical enclosure accessories.

Grommets and Bushings

Sleeved Cable Grommets

Grommets are typically put into holes in different materials to protect them.

Strain Relief

Easily install into a regular round with fingertip pressure. Even with manual assembly, no tools are necessary.


Grommets enhance friction, or seal cables passing through them from mechanical or chemical damage.


Wires, cables, and tubing are protected by snap-fit bushings from the sharp edges of sheet metal holes.

Quick-Fit Grommets

Quick fit grommets feature a beveled edge that makes installation easier by requiring just one side of pressure to lock into a panel.

Multi-Hole Cable Grommet

Altinkaya has a variety of accessories to help with cable entrance options, including multi-hole grommets.

Enclosure Mounting Kits

Wall Mountings

Wall mounting accessories for multiple enclosures to mount them on walls or surfaces with suitable ears.

Pole Mountings

Pole mounting elements are chosen to mount enclosures on poles with proper equipment.

DIN Rail Mountings

DIN rail brackets are to mount random enclosures or PCBs to mount them on DIN rails profiles.

DIN Panel Mountings

To secure DIN panel mounted boxes and operator panel mounted housings, fastening kits are required.

General Accessories


Altinkaya manufactures different types of handles or carrying equipment for enclosures and electrical boxes.


A screw terminal is an electrical connection in which a wire is held in place by a screw used in panel-mounted enlsoures.

Tactile Switch Caps

Tactile switch caps are a decorative addition to tactile and pushbutton switches. IT is available for DIN rail housings and panel-mounted boxes.

Card Guidelines

PCB card guides are vertical or horizontally mounted card guides that are used to handle the installation and extracting difficulties with PCB.

Led Light Pipes

Light Pipes are a cost-effective solution to bring indication to your front panel because they are designed to transfer light shorter distances.

Control Knobs

A control knob is a rotational instrument that is used to control mechanical and electrical systems manually.


Enclosure feet protect benchtops, increase friction to avoid slippage, dampen sound and give your enclosure a more finished look.

Heat Sink

A heat sink is a device that transfers thermal energy from a hotter device to a cooler fluid medium.

Case Separators

Case separators are used in Panel mounted boxes to separate connection equipment and other components.

Ventilation Kits

Enclosure air vents with a range of passive airflow capabilities are used to keep the air pressure within the enclosure balanced.

Perforated Foams

Case and foam options, as well as stand-alone foam inserts, are available. Foams can be customized to suit specific needs.


Plastic hinges with seals are specifically developed for IP67 enclosures to provide reliable performance.


Lockable latches are from Altinkaya. This latch, which comes in three sizes, may be utilized for security.

Screws & Fasteners

In the application of enclosures and housings, Altinkaya delivers the most appropriate screws and fasteners. Inside the enclosures, we include screws for the lids and coverings, and you may also select PCB mounting machine screws from the portfolio. Our sales staff can provide you with more specific information.


Plastic Screws and Nuts

A nylon machine screws is a screw with a blunt head that is used to connect metal components.

Screws and Nuts

For PCB mounting, electrical and electronic enclosure lockings that are coarse-threaded and fine-threaded.

Knurled Plastic-Head Thumb Screws

Components used for clamping, adjusting, twisting, and tightening are defined as clamping knobs.


Clinching Fasteners

A clinching fastener is generally permanently inserted in sheets of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.

Inserts for Plastic

Threaded inserts are developed to be inserted into existing holes to create a threaded receptacle for the installation of screws, bolts, and other fasteners.

Battery Holders

You've come to the right location whether you're looking for battery holders. Our battery holders provide you the assurance you need to finish a job, make a repair, or come up with a creative solution for your batteries. From small battery clip holders to battery cell holders, our collection makes it simple to choose the correct size and choice for you.

AA Battery Holder

With nickel-plated spring material parts, plastic battery holders are utilized.

9V Battery Holder

9V battery holders with nickel-plated spring material parts, plastic battery holders are utilized, different models available.

AAA Size Battery Holder

Keeps the batteries safe and secure within AAA type ABS battery holder within electrical boxes.

C Size Battery Holder

AA battery holders and metal components are used to hold the cells, and these elements also provide power to the gadget.

D Size Battery Holder

Metal components are included in the D-size battery holders, which are made from high-quality molding.

Battery Contacts

The contact holders and chambers for the batteries are intended to provide a secure connection.

Covered Battery Holders

Some of the models of AA type, AAA type or 9V battery, there is an option with covers to protect the batteries.

Coin Cell Battery Holders

For coin cell storage, there are integrated and isolated compartment battery holder options.

Other Battery Holders

For 18650 battery types, available battery holders and battery contacts.

23A Battery holder

Batteries Storage Boxes are high-quality items that may be utilized in combination with electronic enclosures.

Cable Glands

A Cable Gland is a component that includes the end of an electrical cable to the equipment and secures it. Cable glands keep the cable in place in the electrical equipment by sealing it. Cable glands also serve as an earthing, grounding, insulation, and bonding device, as well as a strain relief. Electrical power, control, instrumentation, data, and telecommunication cables are all suitable for cable glands.

Standard Plastic Cable Glands (Metric)

Metic thread IP68 gable glands with multiple sizes for instrument applications and black, dark gray and light gray.

Standard Plastic Cable Glands (PG)

PG thread IP68 gable glands with multiple sizes for instrument applications and black, dark gray, and light gray.​

Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland (Metric)

IP68 Brass Cable Glands suits all installations to seal cables from electronic enclosure units.

Nickel Plated Brass Cable Gland (PG)

Nickel-plated IP68 cable glands with seals inside to protect the cover and meet IP protection

Sleeved Plastic Cable Glands (Metric)

Safe and flexible sealing durable components are available for electronic enclosure boxes.

Sleeved Plastic Cable Glands (PG)

PG threaded cable glands with sleeves to protect the cable passing through.

Multi Hole Cable Gland Seals

IP68 Cable gland seals inside with multiple holes to give more sealing power for the cables


Electrical systems and equipment are sealed in electronic enclosures with brass blind stoppers.