Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures for electronics can house your circuits for use in hundreds of applications and projects. IP67-certified enclosures work best in outdoor conditions. The availability of molding and CNC customization provides a wide variety of models to suit different circumstances. ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), and PC-ABS materials are used for standard plastic production and the UL degree (the degree of flame retardancy) is varied according to the requirements of each project.

DIN Rail Enclosures

DIN Rail

With more than 12 modules and 27 models, these plastic Boxes ensure the standard DIN EN 60715 rails.

DIN Rail Enclosures
with Terminals

DIN rail enclosures with terminals inside. There are 4 different models, available terminal holes.

DIN Rail Modular

Modular DIN rail enclosures for 72 mm and 107 mm PCBs. The model length get longer with the proper parts.

DIN Rail Mounting Components

DIN-Rail mounting bracket allows any enclosure or PCBs to mount directly on DIN rails profiles.

IP67 Heavy Duty Enclosures

Heavy Duty Enclosures

TPE seal provides IP67 protection. It is available for over 50 different sizes.

Flanged Heavy Duty

Easy-assembly with flanges. Suitable for outdoor applications. Clear lid available.

Hinged Plastic Enclosures

Hinged Plastic Boxes. Easy open-close option. Clear Lid ASA Material Option available.

Enclosures with Cable Glands

IP-67 boxes ensures the security of cables as well as the circuits.

Hand-Held Enclosures

Wall Mount Enclosures

Wall Mountable Plastic Enclosures enable housing electronic devices with the availability of accessories.

Enclosures w/Battery Compartment

Plastic Enclosures to house mobile electronic devices with a battery compartment and battery contact option.

Hand Terminal Enclosures

Plastic enclosures are ideal for hand terminal electronic devices. Boxes have different screen holes.

Pocket Size Enclosures

Plastic Enclosures with small dimensions for small electronic devices.

Multi Purpose Enclosures

Sloped Desktop Enclosures

Sloped Plastic Enclosures to house electronic devices with desktop application.

Plastic Laboratory Enclosures

Laboratory Enclosure model. Plastic material. Carry Handle and Tilting Foot options.

Plastic Project Enclosures

Low cost Plastic Enclosures for various electronic device projects.


Tablet enclosures are produced to fit on 4.3", 5.7", 7.0" 8.4" and 11" LED screens

Operator Panel

Open for 5" and 7" screens and closed option Operator panel mounted enclosures.

Panel Mounted

Plastic panel mounted enclosures used for control and display applications.


Plastic enclosures designed with plug configuration for indoor applications.


Hard plastic safety cases for protect components with perforated foam option.

Raspberry PI Enclosures

Plastic enclosures to house PI Model B Raspberry and Raspberry PI 2 & 3.


Plastic enclosures for nurse call applications. Carry handle wall mounting IP40 material.

Work Machine Control Enclosures

IP65 Plastic Enclosures for work machine electronic devices.

Other Enclosures

ABS material IP-54 protection level enclosure boxes for housing USB devices.

Metal Enclosures​

Metal enclosures housing electronic components with strong and reliable body of cases. This box model is useful design ensure to house your electronic circuits for hundreds of electronic application projects which is purpose to use indoor and outdoor. Multiple featured and shapes enclosures are available with different dimensions.

Extruded Aluminum Profile Enclosures

Aluminum Profile Enclosures

Extruded enclosures with useful design ensure housing your circuits for hundreds of applications.

Aluminum Profile Enclosures with Ears

Aluminum profile ears enclosures house electronics to use with mounting to wall.

Instrument Enclosures​

Modular Sloped

Modular sloped instrument enclosures are for desktop applications with plastics and metal sides panels.

Modular Metal

Cubic metal instrument enclosures are made by extruded profiles and closed by aluminum side panels.

Power Supply

Ventilated power supply enclosures for electronics, plastic panels, and open holes for components.

Aluminum Project

Slight design, 1mm aluminum sheet, and plastic front and rear covers for displays and buttons applications.

Desktop Laboratory

Laboratory Enclosures to house precision devices with desktop application.

Sloped Laboratory Enclosures

Sloped instrument enclosures are for desktop applications with openable front panels.

Metal Project Enclosures

2 parts instrument metal project enclosures are with ventilation holes and feets

Aluminum Lab

Heavy-duty instrument enclosures with 1.5mm aluminum sheet

Die Cast Enclosures

Thick Wall Die-Cast Enclosures

Metal industrial housings ensure durability and high protection for devices.

Thin Wall Die-Cast Enclosures

Industrial application model of thin wall electronic metal enclosures.

EMI Shielded Enclosures

EMI/RFI shielding diecast outdoor aluminium material heavy duty enclosures.

Display Enclosures

Plastic and metal materials are used in the production of display enclosure models. Outdoor and indoor project enclosures and boxes are available to protect P10 led panel, TFT and LCD screens. The strong build body of the cases is the perfect shield to protect the electronic components.

Enclosures for P10 LED Panel

Aluminium 6063 heat treatable material. Strong installation body for Led panel.

Hybrid Display Enclosures

Display enclosures that protect TFT and LCD display with hybrid material.

Modular Display Enclosures

Modular display enclosures that protect TFT and LCD displays.

Profile Display Enclosures

Aluminum extruded display enclosures that protect TFT and LCD displays.

19" Enclosures for Rack Cabinets

19 inch rack mount enclosures are placing and housing inside of 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, and 5U heights for mounting directly onto cabinets. ABS plastic and metal material enclosures can be use with protection control panels and electronic components rack panels. UV printing and CNC cutting options are available.

19" Metal Rack Enclosures

Metal enclosures for housing 19" Rack models for the rack cabinets. It is available without front ears panels.

19" Plastic Rack Enclosures

1U, 2U, and 3U plastic 19" rack cabinet enclosures are plastic injected and possible to use them on desktop applications.