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UV Printing and Laser marking for enclosures

Within Altnkaya, we began UV Printing processes.   After selecting the appropriate product, you can have CNC CUTTING, UV PRINTING, or LASER MARKING all done under one roof, saving you time. All of these operations can be completed at ALTINKAYA, giving you a competitive advantage in terms of time and cost.

ULTRAVIOLET PRINTING Some of the examples works we've done on our boxes include logos, brands, mimic diagrams, control images, panel/screen writings, port marking, potentiometer marking, button marking, and even variable data such as serial numbers.

  • Multi color printing
  • Embossing and transparent printing
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Time and cost advantage

Code in UV Marking​

Our crew identifies particular UV printing codes for your projects and stores them in our systems. There is no need to repeat the same operations, such as preparing a drawing or shipping a sample, if our customers need to perform the same task again.  To accomplish the same task, simply specifying the code number will be enough.

Improving quality while dropping the cost of visual printing.​

Time is the most important cost of production. It takes serious time to dismantle products you have purchased, take out for printing and reassemble again. When you receive the finished product by having the visual printing, you’ll definitely save your time. 

Save on laborcost and shipping​

Giving the visual printing job together with the box order and receiving the product with the visuals printed will save you money thanks to the reduction of transportation, labor and waste.You can work more efficiently while your prints are being prepared in our workshop.

File types that can be used

PDF (Portable Document Format) 

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) 

Al (Adobe Illustrator) 

CDR (Corel Draw) 

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript

- Images must be vectoral. (See our article about the Vectoral formats)
- All texts in the graphic work should be 
- If there are pixel-based images that cannot be vectorial in the graphic work, the actual print size should not be below 300 DPI.

It should be the color system of CMYK

We can print colors produced with special dyes and the closest CMYK  of Pantone® colors.​

The visuals should be computerized and placed on the surface of the enclosure whether it is a standard or CNC cut one. The work must have been prepared in layered form. The visuals which will be printed also should be sent as a separate visual file.

We have the ability to print up to 5mm away from surfaces.
Print resolution may diminish on deep surfaces.

Printing dimensions are up to 600mm x 400mm x 150mm.

Differences between UV Cured CMYK Printing System with Serigraphy / Pad Printing

• Color flexibility; with the Trigromi (CMYK) system, three primary colors and black color trays are overlapped at correct angles to produce millions of colors.  (Colors in Serigraphy / Pad Printing are limited.)

• Our method allows you to print all colors at the same time. For Serigraphy / Pad Printing, each color is produced independently.

• Because the UV curing method instantly dries the print, it is feasible to reduce the appearance of undesirable colors.

• There is no possibility of gaps or overlapping colors because our printing machine has an accuracy of 0.01 mm. In Serigraphy / Pad Printing, these problems are always possible.

• Special paints and Pantone® colors can be used in Serigraphy / Pad Printing. In the CMYK system, this is not possible because we can only print the closest CMYK equivalent.

• Because the CMYK system colors are created by blending the color mixes, these dots can be seen (as shown in Fig. 1). When flat colors are produced in techniques like Serigraphy / Pad Printing, this is not the case.

FAQ's About the UV Printing

Yes, of course. We can print whatever visual print you desire on our plastic and metal enclosures using the right material and printing surface.

In the photographic color space, we can use any color.

We can achieve close to 85%  proximity to Pantone® and RAL codes in our printing system's CMYK color space.

We can print any color (including white) depending on the color of the box and the color of the printing, at an additional fee, using the optional primed printing applicator. We will recommend color systems to you, and you will be able to select the one that best meets your needs.

Yes, at an additional cost,  we can make variable prints such as serial numbers and lot numbers.

Abrasion testing has been completed on our UV-cured printing method. It lasts longer than a lot of other approaches.

In several testing with different chemicals, we've seen that prints aren't obliterated. You can also test the prints with chemicals that your gadget has come into contact with.

We use a printing method that is extremely resistant to sunlight.

We determine the printed product's surface area and the number of layers to be printed.

No. Leaving aside the obvious costs, it will be less expensive if we consider the time and work you spend printing in a different location.

We can print on a variety of surfaces up to 5 millimeters in height.