No we do not. However, we do not have MOQ for our standard products.

Yes, we offer special enclosure designing, prototyping, and mould production services for the device you would like to produce. For detailed information, please contact us at [email protected]

You can find the technical drawings (pdf and dxf) of our products on the product pages, also for 3D step drawings you can contact us at [email protected].

Our products are available in Standard colors such as dark gray, light gray and black depending on the product category. Color customizations are made for enough order quantites. For requests you can contact our sales team.

For metal and aluminum products, our standard colors are black and natural. For volumetric orders, any requested color can be customized by the powder coating process. 

We ship our enclosures all over the world via cargo and freight. You can order our products through our website or through mail at [email protected].

Yes we do, All of our enclosures are packed with their required screws. To mount your PCB or If additional enclosure screws are needed, they can be purchased through our website or by contacting us at [email protected]

We have various types of internal screws for PCB mounting in different sizes. A compatible screw can be chosen from our catalog easily or you can contact our sales team to choose the correct screw.

Our reference coding system is based on four main codes as listed below:

*CNC and UV codes are made so you could make the same customizations on your new orders easily without having to send us drawings again.

Standard Product Codes: Our products have standard reference codes starting with alphabets. They are found in the products page.


CNC machining codes: CNC machining codes start with the letter “C” such as C-0123-456 which is given to your particular drawings. Unless you change the drawing, they are saved and not changed for your next orders.


UV Printing codes: Printing codes start with “B”  such as ; B-0123-456. This code specifies your printing on the enclosures and keeps them saved in our system.


Special product codes: Apart from the standard product codes, we create a particular product code for the specific product. Only you can order it by requesting the code.

Enclosures are sold as a standard one part on Altinkaya's website. However, there is an option to buy part by part upon request. For more information, please contact customer service.

Altinkaya enclosures are available in Aluminium, ABS plastic or polycarbonate plastic. In general, plastic enclosures will have a reduced recommended operating temperature compared to aluminum. Their properties will change at both low and high temperatures. You can contact our sales team for further information.

Altinkaya does not provide rubber bumperson the regular bases. However, rubber bumpers can be bought as an extra.

We design custom molds and products for our customers. The minimum order of quantities differs for each product. Please contact our team to get specialized offers.


You can find out the condition of the products from our sales representative and access their images.


Upon request, we can make any modifications based on your technical drawings by CNC cutting, UV printing, mold modification and laser marking.

You can find the technical drawings (pdf, dxf & 3D step) of our products on the product pages, for furher information please contact our sales team.

For CNC Cutting: According to the modifications done by your side on the product's drawings, We customize the enclosures.

For UV Printing: We can follow the same procedure for UV Printing as well. However for the UV Printing process, we also need detailed documents in vector format.


You can find technical documents for every product on our website, or you can ask for them through mail.

Customization cost are calculated based on the surface area that will be modified.

We have a wide range of enclosures in different types and sizes. You can review them on our website or ask for our sales team advice for the perfect enclosure for your PCB via [email protected]

We do not have any certified distributor in Europe or any other country.

No, However, some of our accessories are only sold in packs. 50,100 and 250 packs for example.

Yes, we ship all over the World.

For small parcels, it takes 3-5 days for stocked products. For custom orders, it takes 7-10 days. The higher amounts are shipped to Europe via Road-Transportation and it takes 10-15 days by highway route


Once your order has been submitted, if you notice a mistake, send an email to [email protected] as soon as you can.


We make discounts for our clients according to order quantities and constant purchasing.

VAT is not charged for our products.


Yes this option is available. After the company information you will be asked for, 

a positive or negative response will be made after examining whether you are available for term work.


EXW Shipments: Customers arrange the shipping and collect the goods from our factory or they share the account number of the partner agency for arranging the transport on behalf of the client.

CIF Shipments: Altınkaya arranges the shipment from factory to destination with CIF or CPT incoterms. The shipping cost is prepaid for faster organization of the custom papers and other required documents.

Express Shipments: Altınkaya works with DHL Express, FedEx and UPS International for express shipments. ( it takes 2-4 days to arrive in the destination port)

Road Transportation: Altınkaya works with the pioneers of the shipping agencies in Turkey. According to the purchasing agreement (CIF or EXW) either Altınkaya arranges the prepaid transport on behalf of the customer or the client can collect them. 

Customs Handling in Turkey: On road transportations, there is a customs fee regulation law that obliges customers to pay 70 Euros for every shipment.

Payment can be done by Bank Wire Transfer or by Credit card through our website or by the link sent to you through mail from by our sales team.

Ratings and Certifications

Yes they are. Our enclosures have various IP certifications such as IP-54, IP-65, IP-67 and IP-40.

You can find the certifications on the Product's page.

We select the plastic and metal materials we use in enclosure production in accordance with the RoHS and REACH regulations, considering our customers in the European Union. The RoHS letter of information for each enclosure is on the product's own page.

Yes they are. Accessories included in the package with the product are indicated on the page of the related product. The accessories which are not included in the package and not stated on the web site should be bought separately.

Altınkaya enclosures are not plenum rated.