Component Catalog

Brass Inserts for Plastic

Threaded inserts for plastics differentiate in two parts in terms of application; Molded-in and Press-in types which provide strong, reusable, permanent threads in plastics.

Sleeved Cable Grommet

Resilience sleeved cable grommets protect cables' inside from damage, smash causing by twisting 

Mounting Accessories

Wall mountings, hinges, feet and other mounting accessories.

Led Light Piper

Led Light Pipes for transmitting light coming from an LED mounted on a (PCB) to the user interface.


Countersunk, Oval head Screws for the PCB mountings and enclosure assembly with different sizes. Stainless, Black, Metallic and for plastics.


Hex Standoffs with plastic and metric threads and PCB solderable as functional pillars. Male-male, Female-Female and Male-Female options with M3, M4

Battery Compartments

Wide range of battery holders for 23A, AA, AAA, C and D size batteries as well as coin cells.

Cable Glands

Plastic and Metal cable glands are produced for metric thread  and PG,  with standard one hole and multi holes seals inside. 

Enclosure Feet

Plastic, rubber, tilting feet for many types of applications available off-the-shelves.


Light gray, dark gray, black and red; big or small; triangle or rectangle buttons

Wall Mounting Apparatus

Wall mounting ears allow a standard enclosure to mount on a flat wall or poles with suitable accessories.

Card Guidelines

An extra product allowing PCB to mount on the enclosures

Control Knobs / Trimpot Sticks

Different sizes, color and types of knobs to control your device from the outside of the enclosure.

Panel Accessories

Accessories that produced for stabilizing our enclosures on wall and pole


Additional accessories  to lock your enclosures.

Carrying Handle

Handles to carry your enclosures thereby lock onto the enclosure.

Lighting Fixtures

Accessories for using lighting.

Other Components

Various plastic and metal accessories for different types of applications.