Work Machine Control Enclosure

Our Work Machine Control Enclosures are available in yellow. These products are used to protect remote control or radio control devices. The VK-200 enclosure is used for the remote control of trucks, machines, demo equipment, tunneling machines, tanker trucks, agricultural applications, dust extraction equipment, conveyor belts, PLC, marine applications, handling, winches, septic pumps, conveying, relays, woodworking control panels, hydraulic crane cases, mining equipment, furniture, drilling, agricultural machinery, concrete mixers, presses and more. Our A-390 Button Protection Enclosure is used to protect industrial machinery emergency push buttons. Get in touch with our team for customization guidance to ensure the best results.

Model W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) DXF PDF 3D
A-390 ø 55 - 36 DXF PDF 3D
VK-200 314 221 176 DXF PDF 3D