Sloped Laboratory Enclosures

Our sloped desktop enclosures for protecting instruments are made of ABS and metal. The upper and lower covers are made from 1mm mild steel coated with electrostatic powder, while the ABS is used for the front and back surfaces. Electronics can be installed quickly and these enclosures can be customized with LCD screens or buttons. Open and closed angled front panels are also available.


Inside the desktop case, there is a perforated, galvanized inner mild steel mounting plate with several holes for device installation. Tilting feet allow the enclosure to stand freely and we can add an optional metal handle for carrying. Please contact the sales team for more information about the product and various customization options.

Model Dimensions (mm)
DT-230 285 x 228 x 52 mm
DT-270 285 x 228 x 100 mm
DT-310 230 x 212 x 64 mm
DT-420 173 x 134 x 189 mm
DT-422 283 x 134 x 189 mm
DT-428 124 x 188 x 134 mm
DT-430 173 x 188 x 134 mm
Model Dimensions (mm)
DT-433 282 x 188 x 134 mm
DT-450 189 x 181 x 133 mm
DT-455 290 x 189 x 133 mm
DT-458 206 x 273 x 201 mm
DT-460 315 x 273 x 201 mm
DT-465 268 x 198 x 190 mm
DT-470 268 x 198 x 300 mm