Latches and Hinges

Draw latches from Altınkaya Enclosures for Electronics provide a wide choice of options for securely joining panels, plastic cases, and enclosures for electronics. Altınkaya draw latches offer a mechanical benefit by allowing hand efforts to generate the forces required to compress gaskets, seal enclosures, and prevent rattle. They are available in a variety of dimensions including over-center, adjustable, and heavy-duty.

Plastic hinges for enclosures allow doors to open and close by attaching them to buildings or surfaces. When the electronics cases do not have a hinge option, Altınkaya plastic hinges can be used to attach random enclosures, covers, and bodies. There will be screw holes when drilling a hole to mount the hinge on the enclosure body and lid, but plastic enclosure hinges have a seal option that allows them to be put on IP67 enclosures as well and the enclosure can keep the IP67 rating.