Other Enclosures

Our enclosures for USB applications feature a snap-on design for easy assembly and are made from ABS. Warning light enclosures can be used in many areas such as on hospital doors for emergency issues, or parking sensors at shopping malls. This enclosure consists of two parts. The base part is opaque in color, and the top part is transparent to reveal the application’s light. Several sizes of transparent enclosures are available for multiple applications and are especially relevant for packaging needs. Another type features a photocell sensor and is used for outdoor lighting control.

Model Dimensions (mm)
DM-034 80 x 82 x 50
HH-019 71 x 23 x 8,7
OP-010 60 x 56 x 66
PE-100 45 x 33 x 50
Model Dimensions (mm)
SK-004 71 x 51 x 31
SK-008 101 x 71 x 31
SK-010 80 x 120 x 36