Enclosure mounting kits

Wall Mounting Kits For your enclosure, you'll need flange kits, mounting kits, and surface mounting brackets. Mounting kits attach to the enclosure's base and offer a stable mounting location for your box. Aluminum, steel, ABS, and PC plastic mounting kits are offered.

Pole Mounting Kits are offered for your IP67 hinged plastic cases. The pole mounting brackets enable a stable mounting option on poles. Mast mounting brackets are available in different sizes. 

DIN rail makes it simple to install and replace terminal blocks and other devices. DIN rails are manufactured of steel or aluminum and come in a variety of lengths that meet international requirements. DIN rail brackets, whether straight or angled, tilt and/or raise rails for easy wiring. For easy installation on 35mm DIN rails, small electronics are connected to mounting clips. There are plastic and steel DIN rail brackets for the devices and electronics to mount on DIN rails. 

Panel Mounting fixing clamps are used from the back of the control panel, the screw clamp is put on the enclosure. The enclosure would then be firmly pushed against the control panel's wall using the included screw.