- We offer many box-carrying handles and other types for various applications.


- A-330 box connection parts are plastic with an aluminum handle. The arm lengths are standard but can vary depending on the quantity ordered.

- A-332 carrying handle is made of ABS and can be mounted in any environment you desire.


- The handle, which has a modern design, is comfortable and suitable for carrying heavy loads.

- Adds an aesthetic appearance to the black cube with screw plugs in different colors.


- A recessed plastic handle is designed for A-370 metal and aluminum cans.

- Thanks to its 4 claws, it stays put until you want to remove it.


- A-314, A-320, A-322, and A-324 rounded corner handles are made to fit Rack Enclosure sizes.


- Tapped screw holes in the stainless nickel plating allow smooth and easy mounting.


- Flexible metal and plastic-coated carrying handles come in lengths of 132mm and 185mm.


- It allows you to carry a heavy load with 2 screws at the ends and it can be flexed after grasping.


- The mechanism fits inside and you can lift the box with precision.


- Produced for plastic and aluminum project boxes with both feet and carrying handles.


- With the DT-320-TK, you can tilt your product and carry it by folding it.

Metal handle A-97
185 mm Axial Distance Metal material handles application high corrosion wear resistance functionality accessories for a wide variety of electronics enclosure box models.
Metal handle A-98
132 mm Axial Distance Metal handle application with excellent abrasion resistance tolerance performance components for a broad range of electronic enclosure cases.