Enclosure Feet

Rubber feet protect benchtops, provide friction to avoid slipping, dampen sound, and improve the overall appearance of your enclosure. We have versions that fit in industrial environments, as well as housings and electrical boxes for desktop computers. Consider the size, weight, and interior space while making your decision. Some rubber foot variants have a metal washer that protects the enclosure feet while screwing them in place. Check to see if the rubber feet models are push-in or screw-in.

Tilt feet -which Altınkaya manufactures in-house -also have a selection of tilt foot bars for small plastic enclosures, instrument enclosures, heavy-duty housings, and laboratory cases that can be installed anywhere on the base and provide an ergonomic viewing posture.

Check the product file for detailed information for highness, screw hole, and thickness. Detailed information is provided by our Altınkaya Enclosures sales team.