Cable Grommets

 Sleeved Cable Grommet

- Our sleeved cable grommets are available from 2x0.75mm to 10mm in different sizes. 

- The grommets, which are produced from PVC and TPE material, have black, light gray, and white color options. 

- They are available off the shelf with 100 units per pack.

- Resilient sleeved cable grommets 

- Elastic grommets are bendable up to 90 degrees 

- Protecting the cables inside from damage, smash caused by twisting 

- Produced by TPE and PVC material and packed 100 pieces 

- Starting from 2x0.75mm size to 10mm dia with different lengths 

- Wall thickness for the application placed between 2-3mm


Strain Relief Bushing

- Our strain relief bushings which are available in 2 different sizes are produced with PA66 material.

- Stock color is black. 

- The size options are 6mm and 7mm.

- The strain relief bushing fastens and protects cables and wires securely.

- The bushings practically capture the cable or the wire and easily fold over it.

- Eliminates the difficulties of cable or wire installation in difficult application areas.

- Also allows easy disassembly.

- Wall thickness for the application placed between 1-2mm.


Cable Grommet

- Cable grommets are the rings that cables or wires pass through.

- A cable grommet is inserted in holes to protect the cables from certain materials or other external effects.

- Used to seal cables and similar products.

- 7 different sizes and 2 main colors, black and white, are available.

- Protects cables, wires, and tubing from sharp metal edges.

- Products come in packs of 50 or 100 pieces.


Snap-Fit Bushing

- Snap-fit cable bushings protect cables, wires, and tubing from sharp metal edges.

- Fingertip pressure for installation on 20mm diameter holes.

- Flanged front side and claws on the other part of the bushings keep it fixed in the operation area.


Quick-Fit Grommet

- Our TPE grommets are suitable for 6.5 and 7mm diameter cables. 

- Available in standard black.

- Quick-fit grommets are seals for cables, pipes, and tubing.

- Use a little fingertip pressure for installation and push back to disassemble.

- Protects cables, tubes, and pipes from sharp metal edges.

- Manufactured from high-quality TPE material.

- Pack of 250 quick-fit grommets.


Multi-Hole Cable Grommet

- Multiple holes allow easy insertion and sealing of several cables into one gland or cord grip.

- Many types of hole options in one grommet. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the right one for your applications.

- Manufactured from TPV.

Quick fit grommets 16mm A-820
When used with electronic enclosures and boxes, cable hole covers protect cables. Place  into place just before cable or and wire for a quick placement. The perfection of electronic enclosure boxes is not threatened by cable safety. Cable stability improves in the protection of electrical devices and components.
Sleeved Cable grommet 3,5mm A-9035
Cables and wires passing inside panels advantage extra support and protection that provided by grommet sleeves. For cables and wires entering into metal and plastic panels, a Sleeved Grommet brings additional support and protection.
Sleeved Cable grommet 8mm A-914
A cable grommet is a circular bordered circle that is inserted into electronic enclosure box models' holes to protect pass through cables from rubbing, erosion, and environmental impacts, and to ensure a solid grasp of the wire and cable.