Cable Grommets

Sharp edges, continual mechanical stress, chemicals, or environmental impacts are just a few of the reasons that might cause cable damage. Cable grommets reduce these dangers while also protecting the cabling.

Snap-in cable grommets, for example, assist reduce abrasion when cables must be routed through small round holes. The use of so-called grommet strips is a viable solution for bigger or unshaped cut-outs with sharp or straight corners.

Cable grommets that are placed into cable ends are another type of cable grommet. Cables are relieved of pressure by these grommets. Other cable entrance sleeves, known as anti-kink grommets, protect the cable from bending or kinking. Some cable grommets even integrate strain relief and bend prevention in one.

Cable Grommets 6mm A-906
Cable grommets ring are protect pass through cables from abrasion and damage from usage, and also from environmental influences to ensure a tight grasp of the electronic component cables.
Quick fit grommets 16mm A-820
When used with electronic enclosures and boxes, cable hole covers protect cables. Place  into place just before cable or and wire for a quick placement. The perfection of electronic enclosure boxes is not threatened by cable safety. Cable stability improves in the protection of electrical devices and components.
Sleeved Cable grommet 3,5mm A-9035
Cables and wires passing inside panels advantage extra support and protection that provided by grommet sleeves. For cables and wires entering into metal and plastic panels, a Sleeved Grommet brings additional support and protection.
Sleeved Cable grommet 8mm A-914
A cable grommet is a circular bordered circle that is inserted into electronic enclosure box models' holes to protect pass through cables from rubbing, erosion, and environmental impacts, and to ensure a solid grasp of the wire and cable.