Pocket Size Enclosures

ALTINKAYA specializes in the production of enclosures. Eyelets for key rings and buttons for remote control can be found on some of the enclosures. For membrane keypads or product labeling, some of them have a recessed top panel. Other smooth-top variants are intended for use with rubber keypads and switches. Our pocket size enclosures are made of ABS plastic. Most models can take button cells, 1.5V AAA, 1.5V AA, and 9V batteries in the smallest models, and 1.5V AAA, 1.5V AA, and 9V cells in the bigger versions.

They're ideal for applications that require a smaller plastic case. They'll fit into any normal shirt pocket easily. When needed, it can also be utilized as a compact handheld enclosure. These housing are excellent for electronic projects that aren't too large.

Model Dimensions (mm)
HH-055 76 x 112 x 26
HH-059 70 x 133,5 x 24
HH-060 75 x 110 x 36
HH-062 75 x 110 x 36
HH-066 50 x 100 x 18
HH-070 76 x 136 x 50
HH-086 172 x 77 x 25
HH-088 172 x 77 x 28
Model Dimensions (mm)
HH-095 105 x 201 x 41
HH-097 94 x 160 x 25
HH-098 94 x 160 x 25
RC-010 35 x 50 x 13
RC-020 35 x 50 x 13
RC-030 35 x 50 x 13
RC-040 36 x 50 x 14