PCB Support Pillar

- The standard snap-lock bracket is ideal for quick assembly in PCB stacking applications, and the quarter-turn fastening aids ease of application. 

- PCB support pillars enable a printed circuit board (PCB) to become both insulated and secure by allowing it to be mounted within a range of different electronic assemblies.

- YP-800 model has different sizes ranging from 5 to 22mm in length

- Dual locking support pillar YP-1132 has a double side mounting clip


Brass Standoffs

- Our brass standoffs are nickel plated.

- We have male-female, female-female models in many diameters, and male-male type products in m4 sizes.

- The male side has a standard length of 6mm. 

- Available in various lengths.

- Special sizes can be produced to suit specific needs and conditions.


Plastic Spacers

- Plastic spacers are made of Polyamide66.

- Available in a wide variety of sizes, with internal dimensions of 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm 

- The YP-800, with a spring-loaded extension, offers the advantage of easy mounting on PCBs. 

Hex male to female self tapping standoffs YP-3200
These standoffs are designed to be installed by hand without the use of any special tools. The hexagonal standoffs are suitable for use in applications requiring high mechanical strength as well as solid, making a spacing for high-power electronic applications between PCB or device and the enclosures.
Rounded plastic spacer YP-700
A rounded plastic spacer of a specific thickness can be used to space a specific quantity of components while providing adequate electrical insulation and maintaining electrical conductivity on a printed circuit board.