Brass standoffs, both male and female types, are used within electronic enclosures to raise components above the enclosure surface. These brass standoffs parts are giving the ability to fasten sensitive projects to keep safely inside of electronic boxes.

Captive fasteners are an essential component that supports in the mounting and housing of inserted circuit board components within electronic enclosures and boxes. Standard standoffs, plastic spacers, self tapping standoffs, and pcb support pillars are the four types of fasteners available. These versions are ideal for a variety of applications. 

The objective of handling Plastic Standoff accessories is to avoid short circuiting and ruining electrical components. The use of stand off between printed circuit board (PCB) electronic components and the enclosure case body is described above. Plastic material products are recommended to retain a minimal distance between the board and the enclosure wall. This material divider may be used in a variety of applications with electronic boxes.  Male-female standoffs and female-female stand offs are the two typical forms of fasteners and fixings mechanical components. 

Hex male to female self tapping standoffs YP-3200
These standoffs are designed to be installed by hand without the use of any special tools. The hexagonal standoffs are suitable for use in applications requiring high mechanical strength as well as solid, making a spacing for high-power electronic applications between PCB or device and the enclosures.
Rounded plastic spacer YP-700
A rounded plastic spacer of a specific thickness can be used to space a specific quantity of components while providing adequate electrical insulation and maintaining electrical conductivity on a printed circuit board.