Miscellaneous Accessories


- The heatsink fits standard 80mm fans and is made of aluminum. 

- It is mounted on the fan and is used to extend its life during intense work.

- Easy to install, lightweight.


Case Separators


- Used for separating the materials inside the enclosure. 

- Two different types in our range, one for 4 compartments, the other 6 compartments. 

- Made of ABS plastic. 


Ventilation Kits


- Ventilation kits can be mounted on any enclosure.

- Creates an aesthetic appearance in applications that require additional ventilation.

- The PH-100 is made of ABS plastic and is used with a seal for water protection.

- A-310 ventilation grill, made of ABS, can be mounted easily with its 4 screw holes

- Illustrations of the different models are available on the website