Operator Panel Enclosures

Operator Panel Enclosures are made from ABS material, and in both of the available glossy and matte finishes, they are durable against external impacts. These enclosures feature 5" and 7" screen gaps and closed versions are also available for specific operations. Off-the-shelf rear covers come in three different dimensions and are available for daily shipment. The enclosure body can be fitted with an A-52 clamp which is compatible with DIN 43835.

The card mounting pillars on the internal surface of the base part and the vertical and horizontal card guidelines allow multiple options for the placement of PCB boards and devices. Threaded inserts allow multiple assembly/disassembly of PCB boards or devices and prevent stripping. The vents provide air circulation in the enclosures. Use an A-52 panel fixing clamp to fasten the enclosure onto the application wall. The advised wall thickness of the operation area is 1.5mm.

Model W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) DXF PDF 3D
OP-100 233 130 83 DXF PDF 3D
OP-300 180 130 50 DXF PDF 3D
OP-310 180 130 89 DXF PDF 3D
OP-358 209.6 146.5 46.5 DXF PDF 3D
OP-360 209.6 146.5 65.7 DXF PDF 3D
OP-362 209.6 146.5 92.7 DXF PDF 3D
PT-340 255 118 23 DXF PDF 3D